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The podcast about curly and wavy hair

With Dylan Bray and Lauren Olivia

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“What do you mean you don’t brush it?”- The podcast about curly and wavy hair. Come on in, the water’s the perfect temperature, it’s hydrating and with just the right amount of protein*. Curly hair specialists Lauren Olivia and Dylan Bray present the podcast that negotiates the world of curls and waves. Whether you’re a curly person, the parent, partner, or friend of a wavy-haired individual, an “expert”, or someone who doesn’t know your curly girl method from your straightening irons, even if you’re just passing by, dipping your toe, this is the place for you. Lauren Olivia @lovecurlyhair_lauren Dylan Bray @thecurlpusher (*by the end of this podcast you’ll nod knowingly at all these references.)

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